Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Easter Bunny came early

Today our neighborhood held it's annual Easter egg hunt in the park. It was our first time joining in the fun and Carter's first ever Easter egg hunt and boy, oh boy, was it fun!

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts drove up from Stayton to watch Carter in action. There were so many people and kids.

He immeidately picked up an egg in each hand and, in true Carter fashion, shook each one to hear the noise (all the eggs were plastic and filled with candy). That's it. He was done. Mommy had to picked up the rest of his 12 eggs and occassionally would put one back when he decided to drop one in his hand to exchange it for another.

We came back home and enjoyed Mother's crunchy french toast. I got this amazing cookbook from my sister for my birthday and it only took me one whole month to use it!

Then, Chris decided to completely take advantage of the fact that his dad was in town and use his help to complete my birthday present. I had asked for a counter to go over my washer and dryer. The depth that I wanted turned out to cause a bit of an issue that involves ordering a piece instead of being able to just pick it up at the store. So, I mentioned that I also really wanted cabinets above. Previously, there was just a wire shelf. Ta da!

Fabulous, right?

The men also tackled the broken sprinkler pipe while Carter threw a couple of fits that he couldn't help them. Grandma J and I have decided that Chris and Roger are two peas in a pod and Carter is gearing up to be their third. He loved to be outside and getting dirty just like Dad and Grandpa.

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GG said...

Thanks so much for sharing Mr C's first Easter Egg hunt. Looks as though he knew exactly what to do. How fun. Great pic of him with Grandpa Roger. I'm not surprised that he wanted to be with the "men folks". After all, that's what guys do; anyway REAL men. Can't wait to see you all next weekend.