Thursday, March 11, 2010

Operation Lose the Bottle: Day 1

Yes, yes, I know! We should have been rid of the bottle a couple of months ago, but who can say no to such a sweet little face when he is sick or when mommy is about to go out of town or when.. OK, enough excuses. It's time to go.

The plan: Carter currently goes right to sleep (majority of the time) when I put him in his crib with a bottle of 6 oz of milk. He sucks it dry so I'm not really worried about the milk pooling in his mouth and causing tooth decay, I just think it is time and I'm sick of washing bottles. I'm going to start by replacing the milk with water. Then, maybe an empty bottle? Then, no bottle at all.

Today's progress:

Morning nap: went to sleep within about 2 minutes with only a tiny bottle of 2 oz of water.

Afternoon nap: went to sleep within about 2 minutes with only a tiny bottle with about an ounce of water.

UPDATED TO ADD PHOTO FOR THE COMPLAINERS (he reminds me of his Uncle TJ when he was little - he moves all over his bed when he sleeps):


Gramma Cupcake said...

Um..Helloooo. I like PICTURES of the Litle Man with these posts. I mean, I am happy to know losing the bottle is going well, but I want PICTURES..even if I DID spend half the day with him!
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

Ditto to GC. No bottle? Holy cow, where has the time gone? He's growing waaaaaaaaaaay too fast. Guess I'll just have to join Auntie and teach him some tricks that are fun. Hope the weather is nice at Easter. Maybe he and I can slide down to find the eggs>