Saturday, March 13, 2010

I just love this picture. I remember the exact moment it was taken. Usually, I look at a photo and I remember the day or the event. It might even cause me to remember how I felt at the moment, but I don't actually remember the moment - who took the photo? Did I see them take it? Then, there are photos that I actually remember the exact moment.

I remember this moment during our first dance. I could not have stopped smiling if I wanted to. I was so happy as we danced to Ingrid Michealson's "The way I am" and for just a moment, I wasn't so uncomfortable being the center of attention (yes, I do remember how quickly I raced down that aisle thank-you-very-much). In this moment, I was with my husband. When I saw the photographer I didn't have to pose. She snapped the shot and was off again.

Such an amazing day. Such an amazing two years.

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GG said...

You are still the beautiful bride.