Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our 2nd anniversary

Since we jump-started our family with a honeymoon baby, we've kind of made a pact that we will take some time for ourselves each year on our anniversary with at least one baby-free night away. Last year, little man was only a few months old and it was soooo hard to leave him and head to Sisters, Oregon.

This year, it was equally as difficult, but we stayed a bit closer and headed to Silverton, Oregon. We stayed at the Oregon Gardens Resort which it seems no one knows exists. Just as the name suggests, it's a full resort with restaurant AND spa! I'm not sure why, but they offer a steal of a deal. For $83 (yes, $83) we got a very nice room with a king bed, an amazing steak dinner with a bottle of wine (the meal alone came to $82), entrance into the Gardens and breakfast in the morning. We still aren't sure how they do it, but it was an awesome deal!

We splurged a bit and had a couples' massage at the spa and rather than eat breakfast at the resort, we went into tiny little Silverton and ate at O'Brien's. We fell in love with the quaint little city from the moment we put the dime in the parking meter and realized it paid for an entire 2 hours of parking! The store owners were all extra nice and it was great to just take a break and casually shop without a 1 year-old.

We also got to see the Mayor. Maybe you've heard a bit about him/her.. umm... anyway. He/she was at the local movie theatre which was playing Alice in Wonderland. He/she was dressed like the mad hatter and I have to say, was a very strong resemblance (except for the skirt). Chris didn't believe me that it was him or her. So, here babe - a photo for you:

One complaint, while I love the quaintness of the town, I was upset that the adorable little chocolate store wasn't opened while we were there. They are close on Sunday, but when we went back on Monday in hopes of getting some sweet treats to thank the grandparents, there was a post-it on the door: "Gone skiing". Cute, unless you really wanted to buy some chocolates :)

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GG said...

Oh what a wonderful celebration. Even I've heard of their Mayor down here in Carson City. Pictures are deceiving though so that's probally why Chris didn't recognize the Mayor. Was it much of a long drive to the resort?