Monday, March 8, 2010

Home sweet home

I just got back from my first Kale Women's weekend and I am exhausted. The annual beach trip to Lincoln City was filled with introductions and story-telling and SHOPPING! Little Man got so much new stuff from the outlet mall for next to nothing! I had so much fun getting to know Grandma Lois' even more extended side of the family.

I got home to a little guy who had been spoiled rotten by Grandma Cupcake and Auntie Lindsey. **Tricky Chris - went on a week long business trip, how coincidental that it fell the same weekend as the girls only trip :) He decided today that he didn't need his afternoon nap which could only mean... yep, more teeth! I spotted two molars that popped through!!

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GG said...

Yep he's a true toddler now. He'll be wanting his own piece of chicken and maybe a bite or two of steak. Can't wait to see him. Hope he recognizes me.