Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 80th Papa Ron!

We could use a little more practice, but it's the thought that counts.. I think :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Carter says

Me to crying Carter: what's wrong Bud? Why are you crying?
Carter: Cause...(sniffles) I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pregnancy dreams and talking toddlers

Oh, these dreams I'm having. Some are weirder than others. This one is definitely mild:

I'm at some sort of party and need to potty badly (I'm pregnant, remember?). While in the restroom, I can see out the window that Coen is outside, picking flowers and pulling them completely out of the grown exposing the roots. I watch in horror as he then eats the dirt from the bottom and goes along playing, holding the flower as if it is a treat he will be munching on as he plays. I'm frantic, trying to get out to him to stop him from eating dirt.

* You may remember that last fall when Coen came home, he DID in fact, grab handfuls of dirt and shove in his mouth. So far this year, he has not been doing this when we go outside.

So this morning I go to Coen's room and as I'm changing his diaper, I tell him I had a dream that he was eating dirt. His reply: "No eat dirt mommy! Dirt icky!"

Yes, Sweet Boy. Dirt is icky. Thank goodness you know this. Now, if we can have these conversations, why can't you tell Mommy when you need to potty?! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2 v. 3

Years old that is. Any time we sit down to eat, the boys start with the same amount of food. This is usually how it ends... Coen's plate is the bottom green one.

Monday, April 23, 2012


I never post about companies or products or whatnot, but when I get a good deal, I just have to share. I've had the button for Ebates on the right side of my blog for a while now. I get nothing for having it there, I just wanted to share it, because well, it's pretty awesome.

Here's how it works:
Any time you are going to shop online, you go to first. From there, you go to whatever store you were going to shop from anyway (Target, Old Navy, etc.) - they have 'em all. You can then see what discounts they are offering for that store on that day AND how much cash back you will get on your purchase.

This is why I have to share: Yesterday I got a killer deal!
My Brother printer sucks up my ink big time. Buying it at Office Depot or such would cost me about $55 +/- for the pack of four colors. Instead, I went to Ebates, and found 123Inkjet. This company sells ink cartridges that are compatible with my printer. The cartridges were $4.79 each and if I bought 3 of one color, I got them for $4 each. Then, I got 15% off and 32% cash back through Ebates.

I could have spent about $55 on 1 black, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 magenta

Instead, I paid, $23.29 with tax and shipping and got $5.87 put into my Ebates cash back account (they pay it out quarterly if you have earned $20, I think).
So, total for my ink was $17.42 and I ordered 3 black, 1 yellow and 1 blue (the colors I needed).

Anyway, I think it was an AWESOME DEAL. I've been using Ebates for a while now and have already been paid out $28.56 (not including my $5.87) so, I'm pretty darn impressed.

Check it out if you plan to buy anything online:

**and yes, I have ordered these cartridges before and they worked awesome!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A quiet ride to the lake

This is the first time the boys have been allowed to use the car's DVD
player. Success!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

16 weeks

*This photo was from 4 weeks ago since I'm 20 weeks now. A new bump picture is coming soon :)

Finally, a photo of my growing bump :) I felt like I looked huge going to a cocktail party, and I probably did, but I was still getting surprised looks as we told people that I was pregnant throughout the evening. That would be one serious beer belly if it weren't a baby.

Half way there

According to my iphone app, I'm exactly half way through my pregnancy! In actuality, I'm a little ahead of that. Peggy will schedule a C-Section 1 week before my due date due to hospital policy - no VBACs allowed. I'm fine with that. It is nice not having to make the decision between C-section or natural. There are so many risks with both that I'm afraid if anything went wrong, I would blame myself for making the wrong choice. At least we can be prepared this time for the longer recovery!

Little Bitty Man has been moving constantly. His favorite time for action is when I lie down so, while Chris is passed out asleep, I'm lying awake: 1/3 annoyed that the little peanut won't let me sleep, 3/4 loving that I can feel his little kicks and summersaults! Tonight Chris felt the movement for the first time. I think that is one of my favorite moments in a pregnancy, when he gets to feel the baby too. It just makes it more real for all of us.

Carter tried to feel the baby too. He would keep still for about 30 seconds, and even put his head on my belly once, before getting to antsy. All the while Coen was running around the room completely oblivious. He seems to know there is a baby in my tummy, but beyond that, he's got better stuff to do.

We're having a hard time coming up with a 3rd boy name. With Carter and Coen, they just came to us and we both agreed on them the minute one of us said the name. Chris suggested Carter and I suggested Coen. This time... ugh. It's not only a name, but a name that goes well with Carter and Coen. Do we do another "C" or break the habit now? We're open to suggestions so, send some along!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My three...

We've known since Thursday and it has been killing us trying to keep the secret, but knowing that Easter would be Sunday, we decided to have a little fun. We placed a yellow "peep" inside a bunch of plastic eggs. We then placed 1 peep of a *different color* in a single egg. We passed the eggs out and let everyone open their egg. Could they put it all together?

Here is how the Roberts clan did with our "peep show" :)

When we played earlier in the day with my side of the family, it was Uncle Matt who figured it out first! It was so fun to celebrate our news with everyone on Easter. We told the boys Friday night at dinner. I don't think we could ever possibly beat Carter's reaction! Coen... well, he's in his 2 year old "no" phase :)

I was so worried when he thought it would be a girl that he would be let down when I said "boy" but his enthusiasm to have another brother was adorable!

We are still getting used to the idea of 3 boys. Wow. Just typing it... 3! They are going to have so much fun growing up together!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Silly mommy

I volunteered in the 2s/3s room at church last night and took Carter
and Coen along (not the original plan, but it worked out). With about
15 minutes to go, one mom came in and picked up her daughter early.
This sent one little guy into worry wondering when he would get picked
He refused to join the other kids watching Veggie Tales and wanted
to be held. As I patted his back and swayed back and forth, Coen
looked up and took notice. He then looked to his left at Carter, then
back to me and said "Carter right here, Mommy!" as he pointed to
I had to laugh. Poor guy thought I had mistakenly picked up a
Carter look-a-like and was trying to help me out.

Thanks, bud.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The boys across the street gave the boys a ton of used toys yesterday.
Not among them, whoppee cushion. When they saw how much fun Carter was
having with it at their house, they gave it to him as well. I
definitely live in a house of boys!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Coen says

Coen has officially entered the talking stage where he isn't just
communicating, but adding his personality to conversations. Today, I
pointed to my belly and said, "there's a baby in there."

Coen: a baby in there?!
Me: yep. A baby.
Coen: come out baby, come out! (as he patted my belly)

I think he is going to be pretty excited about the baby by the time
he/she gets here.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

17 weeks

Definitely felt a few kicks tonight! I think I've felt movement a few
other times as well, but would then go a couple of days with nothing..
The backache is really setting in. I don't remember having it this
early with Carter, but then again, I didn't really document much with
his pregnancy.

So far we are just really enjoying this experience. Every so often
I'll say to Carter, "look how much the baby has grown" to which he
usually relies, "when the baby gets to here (he gestures close to his
body and far from mine) you'll tip over!" he thinks this is hilarious
EVERY time :)

A cool feature for some..

I love the feature of being able to close the back doors from the
driver's seat. Coen doesn't care for this feature. He constantly is
thinking we have forgotten to close his door and starts to panic.
Watch how his attitude changes when he hears the door start to close -
he doesn't even turn to look at it.

Happy Palm Sunday

We love our church's Sunday school