Monday, June 25, 2012

bump post

Ok, ok, ok! I will finally give you a bump photo. The photos aren't the best, but they were taken by the cutest photographer (I was home alone with the boys so Carter helped me out).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bump update

Tomorrow I'll officially be 29 weeks pregnant. I've been horrible about posting photos! Nope, haven't forgotten to take them, I just don't like ANY of them! I swear, I'm carrying this baby so differently than Carter that if we hadn't confirmed that it was a boy just two weeks ago, I would be dead set that this little guy is a girl. Being pregnant through spring/summer doesn't help matters. It is so much easier to look cute with a bump when you can layer your clothes and emphasize the bump and nothing else. All of that said... My appointment yesterday went well. I'm measuring a bit small - 27 inches - but Peggy says it fluctuates and anything within 2 inches of the number of weeks is good. I'm about 10 pounds shy of where I ended up with Carter so, with about 10 weeks to go, hopefully I won't surpass that number! Health-wise, it will be fine if I do, it will just sting a bit mentally. I WILL post a bump photo soon. In fact, we are doing family/maternity photos this time around in the middle of July. We'll then follow up with family/newborn shots after littlest man gets here. C-section is currently scheduled for August 31st. I can't believe we only have 10 weeks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


A little reminder of how little my little man, Coen, is. I've had people ask who is older when we are shopping with Coen in the front of the cart and Carter in the basket of the cart. Get them standing next to each other and it's pretty obvious that they are a year apart.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Promises, promises

Oh, these boys! They are making all sorts of promises to help when the baby gets here. Not just their brother, but Auntie's baby too. Carter was so disappointed when I told him that we didn't need 2 cribs here because Auntie would be keeping her baby at HER house. At least he'll get to help. Coen was all about helping Auntie too, but just listen to him when I ask if he'll be helping with his new brother!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

We have water-skiers!

For Papa's birthday we got the boys him this neat waterski for little kids. It is part wood, part inflatable and even has a spot for their feet to slip in like the read deal. The boys can stand or sit on it. We figured they wouldn't go near it this summer but Carter blew us away insisting that he wanted to go skiing (a far cry from what I was like around water when I was his age). Once Carter did it, Coen was begging for a turn. I think they may have some Roberts in them yet!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Third trimester

I officially made it to the third trimester this past weekend and at the exact same moment, lost every single ounce of energy. I was in such a high from my second trimester energy level that I forgot that this happens. Ugh.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carter says

After bath time, I hear Chris call to Carter:

Carter, you putting your underwear on?

Carter yells back, "thinkin' 'bout it"

Carter update

The last couple of days have been rough! My poor little guy has really had a hard time between his throat hurting, ear pain and just being exhausted. He's not eating much, but thankfully has been open to drinking Pediasure and eating some ice cream now and again. He's also doing ok on liquids which are the most important. He's off and on and I'd say about 30% of the time, he is "on" and resembling his normal self. The rest of the time and he is crying or on the verge of tears or resting.

When he is "on" he is pretty darn cute! He almost talks with a lisp because his throat is so sore.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet lil' man with no tonsils

Man, this morning was rougher than I was prepared for! We started out with a very happy and excited Carter as we headed to the hospital. You would think we were on our way to Disneyland he was so excited! He even kept telling us he was "on vacation".

To be clear, I DID tell him over and over that his throat was going to REALLY hurt after the surgery so, I'm still not sure why he was so excited.. He did great talking with all the nurses and doctors and was fine being wheeled off to surgery without us (I nearly burst into tears, but he was fine).

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At first he wasn't a fan of the pajamas. Then they offered him pink and suddenly he was perfectly fine with these.

We had to wait about an hour out in the waiting room. When they finally called us back, he as a wreck. The poor guy came out of anesthesia very upset and aggressive so they put him back under. When he came out the second time, he was "better" but still very distraught and confused. Thank goodness daddy was there to hold him and calm him down.

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You know there is a problem when Carter turns down a popsicle... We hung out for about an hour and they sent us on our way. He's still pretty groggy and in some pain, but finally fell asleep. His recovery will take about 2 weeks and we are supposed to expect good days and bad throughout. Poor little guy..

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freaky memory

What's your first memory? I mean your FIRST memory? I'm not sure exactly what mine is, but I can tell you, I was over a year old. This is not the case for Carter. This kid has a freaky memory.

There's a bakery in town that I have been to TWO times total. Once for my in-laws anniversary cake in November 2009 and once this passed week to get Chris' birthday cake. The first time, little Carter man was with me, not even 2 years old and the nice lady there asked if he could have a cookie after we bought our cake. I said "Ok" but really was panicking about him eating an entire cookie - Oh, the sugar!

That morning last week they boys were antsy as we hit our third errand of the day. I still needed to get the cake that I ordered so, I bribed 'em (give me a break, it happens). I told them that if they could be good, I would get them a treat while we were out. Carter immediately asked for McDonald's.

"No" I told him, "we're going somewhere you have never been before. It's a surprise!"

As we pulled into the parking lot I had to hide my freak-out during this conversation:

Carter: I've been here before, Mommy!
Me: You have? (Knowing full well he had, but how did HE know?)
Carter: Yeah, Jesus told me! Jesus is my friend.
Me: uh... yes, he is, Bud.
Carter: Yeah, Jesus is everybody's friend! And they give cookies here!

Now, I don't know how the Jesus thing plays in here, but the fact that he REMEMBERED this place that he had been to once before when he wasn't even 2 (he is 3 1/2 this month), blows my mind.