Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freaky memory

What's your first memory? I mean your FIRST memory? I'm not sure exactly what mine is, but I can tell you, I was over a year old. This is not the case for Carter. This kid has a freaky memory.

There's a bakery in town that I have been to TWO times total. Once for my in-laws anniversary cake in November 2009 and once this passed week to get Chris' birthday cake. The first time, little Carter man was with me, not even 2 years old and the nice lady there asked if he could have a cookie after we bought our cake. I said "Ok" but really was panicking about him eating an entire cookie - Oh, the sugar!

That morning last week they boys were antsy as we hit our third errand of the day. I still needed to get the cake that I ordered so, I bribed 'em (give me a break, it happens). I told them that if they could be good, I would get them a treat while we were out. Carter immediately asked for McDonald's.

"No" I told him, "we're going somewhere you have never been before. It's a surprise!"

As we pulled into the parking lot I had to hide my freak-out during this conversation:

Carter: I've been here before, Mommy!
Me: You have? (Knowing full well he had, but how did HE know?)
Carter: Yeah, Jesus told me! Jesus is my friend.
Me: uh... yes, he is, Bud.
Carter: Yeah, Jesus is everybody's friend! And they give cookies here!

Now, I don't know how the Jesus thing plays in here, but the fact that he REMEMBERED this place that he had been to once before when he wasn't even 2 (he is 3 1/2 this month), blows my mind.

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GG said...

We'll have to keep an eye on him. This may be an indication of great things to come from him. He may very well have other hidden talents.