Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bump update

Tomorrow I'll officially be 29 weeks pregnant. I've been horrible about posting photos! Nope, haven't forgotten to take them, I just don't like ANY of them! I swear, I'm carrying this baby so differently than Carter that if we hadn't confirmed that it was a boy just two weeks ago, I would be dead set that this little guy is a girl. Being pregnant through spring/summer doesn't help matters. It is so much easier to look cute with a bump when you can layer your clothes and emphasize the bump and nothing else. All of that said... My appointment yesterday went well. I'm measuring a bit small - 27 inches - but Peggy says it fluctuates and anything within 2 inches of the number of weeks is good. I'm about 10 pounds shy of where I ended up with Carter so, with about 10 weeks to go, hopefully I won't surpass that number! Health-wise, it will be fine if I do, it will just sting a bit mentally. I WILL post a bump photo soon. In fact, we are doing family/maternity photos this time around in the middle of July. We'll then follow up with family/newborn shots after littlest man gets here. C-section is currently scheduled for August 31st. I can't believe we only have 10 weeks!

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