Sunday, June 10, 2012

Carter update

The last couple of days have been rough! My poor little guy has really had a hard time between his throat hurting, ear pain and just being exhausted. He's not eating much, but thankfully has been open to drinking Pediasure and eating some ice cream now and again. He's also doing ok on liquids which are the most important. He's off and on and I'd say about 30% of the time, he is "on" and resembling his normal self. The rest of the time and he is crying or on the verge of tears or resting.

When he is "on" he is pretty darn cute! He almost talks with a lisp because his throat is so sore.

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mommajeane said...

Glad he is on this side of it...Soon he should be his old self. Day 6,7 to 10, can be rough- Especially with that ear pain...the throat "covering/scab" sluffs off and it causes that pain. We have done this surgery a few times and it is a rough one. I have been praying for him.