Friday, June 4, 2010

New moves

Our little dancing queen machine is on the move again. Honestly, the moment he hears the first beat of any type of music (even a jingle on a commercial will do) he is moving! He recently added some new moves including the arm waves, circles, and has even added props to his routine.

Look our J.T. here comes C.R.

Special thanks to Grandma J for providing video, GG for providing the tapes (yes, I said tapes, not CDs or MP3s) of the same music we listened to as kids, and Auntie Lindsey for providing a tape player!

Sorry about the video quality. I used my Iphone since the minute I get out my camera, he stops dancing and wants the camera.


GG said...

Oh my! My Mr C has become a full blown dancing machine. Can't wait to see him later this month. I'll try to teach him a few more moves, maybe some fanny shaking.

GG said...

Hey, maybe we can all join in a sing-along? Do you and Auntie remember the words?

The Roberts said...

Sadly, I do remember every word and find myself singing the songs in the shower.