Friday, June 25, 2010

No no!

I just had to share. I was doing my daily blog reading when I suddenly realized that my washing machine had turned on. Weird! I don't remember starting any laundry.... Carter! I turned around to see him sprinting from the laundry room, apparently scared by what he had just done by pushing a few buttons.

I turned off the washer and using my finger, did the total mom "no, no! That is a no, no Carter!"

Carter responded by waving his finger and shaking his head at the washer saying "no, no, no"

:) My sweet little talking man!


The Buxtons said...

That is so funny! Isabelle does the same thing.

GG said...

Okie Dokie Carter. Bet he won't be touching the washer anytime soon. How did you keep a straight face mama?

Roger said...

Anytime a man(boy) wants to do the laundry...... you should nurture that idea cause you might not get the opportunity again??? :)