Thursday, May 14, 2009

Introducing the 2009 CFO of the year...

He did it! He did it! I can't even put into words how proud I am of Chris! All those long hours and business trips without recognition - not any more!

I got to attend the lunch held at the Governors Hotel in downtown Portland hosted by the Portland Business Journal. Chris' parents and sister Kellie also got to attend along with some of his team from Audigy Group. Chris was by far the youngest candidate with the least years of experience, but as they started to introduce the finalists for his category (small businesses with revenues under $10 million) and we realized they weren't talking about Chris, we KNEW he had won. It was so exciting that I can't even describe it.

He gave a brief, but professional acceptance speech and calmly returned to our table where the rest of us were trying not to scream out loud! Ah, what a day!

** Sorry if you can't read the article. I tried to find it online, but it isn't available - it might be in the next edition, this was a special edition given out at the lunch

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A Cottage Industry said...

CONGRATULATIONS Chris!!!!!! I am thrilled for you, but I'm not at all surprised that you won. You deserved this!
Carter's Gramma Cupcake