Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One more update

Carter has been such a fussy-butt the past few days, even waking up in the middle night screaming for no apparent reason, so we took him to the doctor on Tuesday. As always, he was all smiles for Dr. Voytas and was excited to show off his roll-over-to-tummy move. The doctor said that nothing was wrong him "must have been gas". Part relieved (since nothing was wrong) and part frustrated (since he was still being fussy and now it seems that he is just being a bit of a jerk and worrying me for nothing), we left the office.

At least we got to find out his weight at 5 months.... 17lbs 13 oz. So, he gained less than a pound this month, but grew an inch to 26.5 inches

4 pounds or 2.5 inches until we have to give up the nice portable car seat

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