Saturday, January 2, 2010

The big birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting photos from the big party! We had Carter's 1st birthday party on December 19th - the day after we got home from Hawaii at close to midnight!! Thanks to the Grandmas who took photos for us when our photographer flaked.

Let's see... First, we opened a ton of presents. Thank goodness that Will and Isabelle were there to help Carter because without them, we never would have gotten them all open.

Then... well, then there was the "incident". Little man was excited to try out his new cozy coupe that the Westlunds' got him.

His buddy Will tried to get his attention by giving his hair a little tug.

And then it happened, the saddest little meltdown you ever did see!

Thank goodness there was still cake! Cake can make any boo boo better!

Grandma Cupcake was in charge of the cake and surprised us all with on of her best ever. The theme was The Polar Express so she found the most perfect little train and turned it into the Polar Express itself! Just look at the snow on the train and the cool edible trees. The train even had a whistle that blew for affect.

I expected Carter to dance to his birthday song as he does whenever he even thinks he hears the beginning of any sort of music, but he seemed a bit confused by so many people singing to him so, he just sat there.

I also thought he'd jump right into the cake, but he was timid there as well. Once I helped him out, he was all about the Grandma's cake!

Thank you to everyone who made it to the party! We know it can be hard around the holidays and even harder for those who just got back from Hawaii the night before!

For record keeping's sake attendees included:

GG Lois
GG Lou
Papa and Neta
Grandma Cupcake
Grandma J and Grandpa Roger
Uncle TJ, Aunt Storm and Isabelle
Uncle Nick
Aunt Kellie
Cierra Westlund
AJ Westlund and Lillie
The Dawsons
The Bonners
Auntie Lindsey and Uncle Auggie

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GG said...

What a wonderful treat to participate again in Carter's first birthday party. It was such fun. Same time, same place next year?