Sunday, January 24, 2010

First steps.. It's been hard to decide what actually constitutes "first steps." If it is just the first step or two they take, then we have to count the day we got back from Hawaii and Auntie Lindsey SWEARS she saw him take 3 steps in the kitchen. Or, Christmas Day when Auntie J and cousin Keri saw him take a few steps at Grandma J's. Maybe the couple he took at Gymboree last week?

See, the problem is, as soon as he realizes that he isn't holding on to something or someone, he sits down. So, I haven't wanted to count those "first steps." They seemed accidental. I wanted to count his first steps as the first steps he wanted to take.

And so, I give you his first steps (OK - we know Auntie probably saw him do it sooner, but she was kind enough to lie to us and say she didn't).

Sorry for the lousy video. I did it on my phone since the camera was out-of-reach


GG said...

Holy cow - what a way to bribe Carter to walk. All those toys and he wants the remote. I was so excited to see him walk. What a treat. Just want to squeeze him.

Gramma Cupcake said...

I think hearing your joy filled laughter is even MORE fun than seeing him take his first steps!!!!!!!!!
Gramma Cupcake

kellie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! he's such a big boy! I am so excited he's starting to walk and i'll definitely be visiting soon to see for myself!!!! love ya

Grandma J said...

We had so much fun watching the video last night! I've brought it back up about 5 times today!! I never imagined Carter could bring us so much joy in 13 short months!!
lots of love, Grandma and Grandpa