Sunday, January 24, 2010

Travelocity nome or Carter Roberts?

We're back from my mini-vacation in Palms Springs, but it was Carter who really had a vacation. Oh the places he's been! Auntie Lindsey kept us updated with emails and photos and if you know Auntie, you know they were hilarious. It was just like the travelocity nome. See for yourself.

"It's 6am. Do you know where your baby is?"

Yes, it really was 6am. Apparently he got up much earlier than usual and Auntie and Uncle Auggie decided they'd just go to an early (a very early) breakfast. He's still in his PJs.

"Running away from a bath"

He loves to climb up in this chair in his room. He hasn't done it naked before, but there's a 1st time for everything.

Using chopsticks at a Vietnamese restaurant.


GG said...

Goodness Mr Carter is becoming the "man about town". He looks as though he's ready for a nap. Maybe he's thinking "this going out for breakfast so early is not so cool after all". Love his being fed with chopsticks. Always fun to be with Auntie Lindz and Uncle Auggie. Hey, he may be asking you to take more mini vacations.

GG said...

Okay, forgot to comment on the "nude" you posted. I would think that wicker chair would be uncomfortable on his knees let alone sitting on it with his bare bottom. Did he sit? Bet he got off that chair quickly. Another pic he's not going to appreciate when he's sixteen. Must say Auntie was really busy taking pics. Sure glad she did.