Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking update

Inquirying minds want to know - "Since he took his big first steps, has he done it again?"

Ummm. Yes! He went straight from a couple of steps to walking all over the place! I guess maybe I should have counted those earlier steps.

He was a riot at Gymboree this week, walking all over. Kerrie described it best when she told Will that "Frankenstein is coming to play with you" as carter wandered his way with his arms out for balance.

He not only walks, he can also walk to a toy, squat down and pick it up. Then, tonight he realized that he can just stand right up with out pulling up on anything. (Sorry about the camera angle - I had to hide the camera so that he'd keep doing what he was doing)


GG said...

Good thing his little butt is well padded, eh? He's just so excited when he realizes that he's done something new.

The Buxtons said...

Go Carter!!!