Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4 months - ouch!

Carter had his 4 month appointment yesterday where he got 2 more shots. He took them like a champ! He let out one cry, but was quickly soothed by daddy giving him his pacifier! Here he is when we got home (see the band-aides on his legs?) talking with Grandma Cupcake on Skype.

16 lbs 11 oz - a 3 lbs gain in 2 months so, maybe he is slowing down.
He measured at 25 1/4 inches but the doctor and daddy both thought that the nurse didn't stretch him out enough so, he maybe more like 26 (??)

The really big news: we get to start solids! I'm so excited, but I'm pretty sure the excitement will die down when I fully grasp how much more time this will take...

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A Cottage Industry said...

He's growing so fast!!
Give hima kiss for me!
Gramma Cupcake