Thursday, July 16, 2009

As promised..

Here are the photos from the Roberts Family Reunion of Carter and his "cousin".
I'll take a stab at this.
I THINK that little Brett is the son of the daughter of Roger's sister. So, that would mean, he is the son of Roger's niece? Did I get that right Grandpa Roger? At any rate, he is adorable and always on the go!

**EDITED based on Grandma J's comment: Brett is the grandson of Roger's niece. There is quite an age gap between Brett's great-grandma Bev and Carter's Grandpa Roger's since Grandpa Roger was the youngest of the bunch!

Here is Brett giving his cousin some lovin'


Roberts said...

Hey were just one generation off, but very close. Brett is Michelle's who is the Grandaughter of Roger's sister Bev. Lisa is grandma!

The Buxtons said...

How old is cousin Brett? They look like they were having a great time together.

The Roberts said...

Brett is 3 months older - 9 1/2 months.

Gramma Cupcake said...

That last picture where Carter is looking up looks so much like you Heather, when YOU were a baby!
Gramma Cupcake