Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Forget crawling - Carter is driving

More on the debate: really lazy or really smart - you be the judge

It looks like Carter may have outsmarted us again! We have been encouraging him to crawl every day and he has managed to find a way to get around without exerting so much energy as crawling requires.

A little bit of background: Grandma J had a toy very similar to this up at the lake house and Carter seemed to enjoy it so, when Gramma Cupcake was in town, we hit up Babies 'r' us to get one for our house. We passed quite a few on the aisle. There was a lion, a tonka truck, a bunch of others that Carter didn't even notice. Then, I noticed the Sesame Street Elmo Fire Engine complete with fire engine noises and elmo shouting "Look out! Firefighter coming through". As I pulled it to the edge of the shelf (as I had done with all the other options without any acknowledgement from Carter) Gramma could hardly restrain Carter from leaping from her arms. He was drawn to it, couldn't wait to touch it! We decided that this MUST BE THE ONE!

The entire way to the front of the store and during check-out Carter continued to try to reach his beloved fire engine. Still in the box at home, his eyes were just as big as in the store, ready for a ride. Now he just can't get enough of his fire engine. I'm afraid he'll never crawl with this new method of transportation.


GG said...

Hey, why crawl when you can ride? Bet the "baby gate" will be going up soon. Whata guy! Now don't let him start walking before I get up there. He's growing way too fast.

Jeannette said...

Oh my goodness I can hardly wait to see him ride in person. This video is soooo CUTE!!!