Friday, April 30, 2010

Making it ours

I can't believe we've already lived in our new place 5 months. There are still so many projects. I decided that I better show some before and after shots to make myself feel better about my to-do list.

The playroom before:

The playroom was so cute - for little girls. When we moved in, all the adorable decorations went away and we were left with green room that desperately needed touch-up! With no clue what color it was, we turned to the robin's egg blue pain we already had in the garage. Mom and Lindsey spend the day with me painting, hanging shutters and creating a wall-size chalkboard.

How cute are the little birds that Gramma Cupcake added to the chalkboard?

The half-bath before:

Again, we really didn't mind the red, but in-person, this room needed a fresh coat of paint. Once again, I turned to my stash of paint and used a lavender that I had recently used on a dresser.  Not complete, but coming along...

Guest room before:

The room was adorable when we first saw it. The previous owners used it for their little girls. When we put our furniture in however, the cute pink turned to Pepto Bismol color and the chocolate brown clashed with everything we had.

We went with a soothing "silver sage" from Restoration Hardware and I absolutely LOVE it. The room is so calming now. It's not quite complete, it sill needs some nick nacks here and there to warm it up, but it is coming along. The chair and ottoman we found at a garage sale for $25 and I then had it slipcovered to coordinate with the room. 

So, there we are. Little by little, we'll have to paint the whole house. Not that we don't like the colors, actually, we'll be painting the rest of the house the same colors that the previous owners used. There is just so much touch up here and there that needs to be done, but the paint is so old now, we'll just repaint entire walls. 

It's feeling more and more like ours every day.


The Buxtons said...

Your home is beautiful!

Tracey said...

Everything is looking fabulous!!!
Gramma Cupcake

GG said...

Looks wonderful. Should make you feel more and more that this lovely home is becoming The Roberts' home.