Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back on the wagon

I stepped on the scale after Vegas and did not like what I saw. I
wasn't surprised given that I don't like how any of my clothes are
fitting lately. It's amazing what 5 lbs can do!

So, I'm back on the weight watchers wagon. I try to not make Chris
suffer with me. He definitely doesn't need to skimp on the calories
so, shopping sometimes requires additional variety.

Classic: 7 points/serving and oh so good, but too spicy for Carter.
White Chili: 5 points/serving and good, but Chris always gets chicken. Does he really need it in his chili too?
Veggie: 3 little point/serving!

I probably could have gotten just the veggie, but the 99% fat free scared me. After a long day's work, the last thing Chris needs is something that tastes fat free. No worries! This veggie chili was just as good as the classic that I remember.

1 comment:

GG said...

Yep, Chris doesn't need to share everything with you. Perhaps you can start packing a calorie loaded lunch for him. Problem solved and you don't have to watch him eat.