Thursday, November 4, 2010

Like riding a bike

Yesterday morning, Carter and I had NO plans for today. By last night, that all changed.

On the schedule for today: Papa and Neta for lunch with baby Emma (Chris' cousin's 5 months old baby), followed by fun time with Grandma J, followed by or simultaneously having cousin Cierra for a visit.

We were so excited to see Papa and Neta and lil' Emma. After lunch, when they had to leave for Papa's appointment, I begged them to let Emma stay. Carter loves babies and really took to Emma. He gave her some sweet little hugs and after Papa and Neta left, he got a little upset with me for not letting him pick her up by himself. He did get to hold her for a minute, but carrying her around the room... we'll save that for his baby doll.

So, 1:00 came and it was nap time so that Carter could play with Grandma when she got here. All was good until Emma started to cry when I put her in the bumbo to change Carter (I love that I still have all my baby stuff readily available). Carter, although perfectly fine, was very distraught that Emma was upset and started to cry as well. So, we had to do a very hurried "night-night" and leave him crying. With a screaming Emma, I panicked a bit thinking - what they heck am I doing trying to have another baby? I've only had 2 for 10 minutes and they are both crying?! Then, I remembered the swing!!!!

I grabbed the swing out of the guest room closet and placed Emma in it. The crying stopped immediately. She loved the swaying and the toys on the bar. By this point, Carter had completely passed out as well (it took all of about 2.5 minutes for him). 5 minutes later, Emma was passed out as well. Oh, how I love that swing and the wonders that it works.

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Lindsey said...

sounds like your ready little mama! Your such a natural:)