Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2 year appointment

I cannot believe that we just had our 2 year doctor appointment! Carter is 35" tall which is in the 85% range (so, he's on the tall side - taking after Uncle Nick) and weighs 27.4 lbs which is in the 45% range (so, he is on the slender side).

Dr. Voytas is very mildly concerned with his lack of talking. He said that most of the time kids like Carter who are not saying 2 and 3 words at a time at this age will all of the sudden just explode with talking one day. As long as he is progressing, there is nothing to worry about so, we'll see where he is in 3 months. As long as he is further than he is now, we're good to go.

Dr. V was very impressed with every other skill Carter showed while we were there today. Using my iphone and navigating to some videos to watch while mommy and Dr. V talked pretty much blew him away. Then, during the exam, Carter was told that Dr. V needed to look in his mouth. Carter opened wide and said "AH!" without even being asked. Dr. V said that he has a hard time even getting most 4 year olds to do that. He also sat perfectly still for his spinal check. Dr. V also gave Carter the option of which ear he wanted checked first. Carter pointed to his left and turned his head so that he could be checked out.

So, basically, we have a non-verble genius.

When the nurse came to give him his shots, he was a very good boy! I told him that he would get a "sticker" on each leg so, after she poked him with the needle in just one leg twice and gave him the one band-aid, he pointed to the other leg and she obliged him with another band-aid. That was it.

He is such a good boy! For a treat, we picked daddy up from work and did a Starbucks run. He loved having the few extra minutes with daddy!


Lindsey said...

He is brilliant! But you don't need a doctor to tell you that, you have a nurse who tells you that everyday!

GG said...

Yep - Miss Lindz is correct. Can't believe how much he understands at the ripe old age of 2. He really doesn't have to speak as we all do it for him. He just agrees or disagrees. Love it when he shows his independence. The expression on his face says it all. Miss him.

A Cottage Industry said...

Who says he needs to talk anyway? All he will ever need to do is bat those eyes....
Gramma Cupcake

Holley said...

I have grand daughters who are two months apart - my two daughters are their Moms. Elise, the youngest was the first to walk, and Heather just kept on doing her knee walking ( which was driving her Mom crazy because she was wearing out all of her pants ). One evening after we had all been together for dinner ( and Elise and her parents had gone home ), my husband and I were talking to our daughter and son in law about how funny it was that Heather didn't seem at all interested in walking, even though we knew she could. She could stand up fine and even walked some, but always went back to that knee walk. None of us had seen other kids do it and her older brother never did. Heather was playing nearby with her brother and a few minutes later she stood up and walked from the family room into the kitchen and through the dining room and living room and the entry and then back into the family room. She continued this circuitous route maybe 11 times and never stopped. We were speechless. She rarely ever knee walked again. She knew how to walk, but knee walking worked just fine too, and until she heard us discussing how Elise was younger, but walked first, etc. Heather probably didn't think walking was very important. Carter has probably been very content communicating at his level - his needs are understood and met and you interact freely and lovingly. Until he heard it being discussed so much he thought everything was fine, he didn't realize that people wanted more. Children are so interesting, I'm just fascinated watching my 4 young grandchildren - nothing is more fun. Love all of your family blogs- I found them through your Mom's. Take care, you have a sweet family. Holley