Friday, April 30, 2010

Making it ours

I can't believe we've already lived in our new place 5 months. There are still so many projects. I decided that I better show some before and after shots to make myself feel better about my to-do list.

The playroom before:

The playroom was so cute - for little girls. When we moved in, all the adorable decorations went away and we were left with green room that desperately needed touch-up! With no clue what color it was, we turned to the robin's egg blue pain we already had in the garage. Mom and Lindsey spend the day with me painting, hanging shutters and creating a wall-size chalkboard.

How cute are the little birds that Gramma Cupcake added to the chalkboard?

The half-bath before:

Again, we really didn't mind the red, but in-person, this room needed a fresh coat of paint. Once again, I turned to my stash of paint and used a lavender that I had recently used on a dresser.  Not complete, but coming along...

Guest room before:

The room was adorable when we first saw it. The previous owners used it for their little girls. When we put our furniture in however, the cute pink turned to Pepto Bismol color and the chocolate brown clashed with everything we had.

We went with a soothing "silver sage" from Restoration Hardware and I absolutely LOVE it. The room is so calming now. It's not quite complete, it sill needs some nick nacks here and there to warm it up, but it is coming along. The chair and ottoman we found at a garage sale for $25 and I then had it slipcovered to coordinate with the room. 

So, there we are. Little by little, we'll have to paint the whole house. Not that we don't like the colors, actually, we'll be painting the rest of the house the same colors that the previous owners used. There is just so much touch up here and there that needs to be done, but the paint is so old now, we'll just repaint entire walls. 

It's feeling more and more like ours every day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A long weekend

This is how I felt this weekend (see extended bottom lip)

We had planned for a long weekend, but this was NOT what we had in mind. I'll spare you all the details, but basically, we were supposed to go to Reno to throw a baby shower for Storm and instead, I came down  with strep throat and could barely move from Friday night to this morning. I had peaks where I'd think, "there, all better!" only to be followed by a serious valley of not even being able to pick up Carter.

Thankfully, Chris had already taken Monday off to be in Reno so he was able to step in and fill my shoes at home with Carter. He fed him, bathed him, entertained him - all while making sure I was getting enough liquids, taking meds and trying to eat something. If it didn't suck so badly to be sick, I think I could really get used to the breakfast in bed and not having to get up with Carter in the morning.

I have to confess, there were a few things that daddy does differently than mommy that kind of got under my skin. You know, like if someone came to your office to do your job and moved things around on your desk. They are still there, they still work perfectly, the person got the job done, but it just isn't how YOU do it. That said, the 2nd string in our house did an AMAZING job! He completely took care of both Carter and me AND found time to do some serious yard work and organize the garage.  Lord knows, if he was sick, I wouldn't come close to being in the ballgame at his job.

Carter was pretty helpful as well. Example:

Me: (sitting on the couch with Chris making food and Carter with him in the kitchen) Carter come here sweetie.

Chris: Oh, babe. He's fine in here. Just relax and take it easy.

Me: Um.. No. I wanted him to get me the remote. It's all the way over on the chair. :)

Chris: (smiling) Oh! Carter go get mommy the remote.

Carter: waddles from the kitchen to the living room, grabs the remote from the chair and hands in to me on the couch.

Ah! Another reason I'm thankful for my little man.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our favorite niece

I know, I know. I still need to post so much from this past weekend which was so much fun, but there was so much that it will have to be shared in pieces. This is one of my favorite pieces, my niece, Isabelle!

She was so cute in the backyard. She adores Minnie Mouse and since we recently hung the Mickey Mouse birdhouse that GG Lois and Floyd gave Carter for Easter, she was very excited when she looked up at the tree. 

The Buxtons spent the weekend with us in honor of Auntie Lindsey's big birthday and we just could not get enough of little miss thing! Carter kept hugging her, pushing her for a ride on his 4-wheeler and patting her on the back. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun with grandma

Boy, did we have a fun weekend (more to come on that later)! Carter got to spend a couple of nights with Grandma and Grandpa Roberts and got extra lucky that Regan Smith was staying at her Grandma's house which is just behind the Roberts'. Grandma J sent us this photo of the two of them. They are too cute together!

We got some great videos from his trip as well.

Carter loves music. He'll dance to just about anything (as shown in this video). When he gets really into it now, he stomps his foot.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Case of the missing socks

Solved! Here I thought I was losing his socks. Apparently he has been
taking them off and stashing them behind his crib!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sickie = no more gym

You all know what a gym buff I am. I mean really, I go all the time :) So, I finally decide to get off my butt and go and take little man to the daycare there to play with some kids and what do I get? This:

Poor little man was miserably sick for 2 days (as evident by this photo showing him sitting still). Thanks for the excuse out of going to the gym baby.

Boy time

With GG in town for Easter, we were able to get together with my cousin Heath and his family which meant we got to see Hayden! Hayden is just 2 weeks younger than Carter so they are perfect playmates. Just look, they are just about the same size too!

GG was all up in their business as they gave each other a hug.

Too much fun! We'll have to get together with them more often.

Working with dad

I just love the view from my kitchen window on days like today.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm a Kohl's shopper!

Long ago, pre-baby, I decided to never go into a Kohl's store again. I have been there, tried that and found no need to go back. Then, after all the commercials and testimonials from Auntie Storm, I caved. Wow! Everything I got was at least 40% off AND, they gave me a $10 off my next purchase of $10 or more. Do the math.... Yes, that IS FREE as long as the item you want is $10.

The best part of the whole deal was what I found. Here are my boys in MATCHING (even the brand) shirts for Easter. I was way more excited about this than Chris :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Cheap mommy

Imagine my embarrassment when Uncle Nick arrived early and Carter was wearing THIS:

Sure, we had quite the laugh every time he sat down or squatted and exposed his underpants, but we all agreed that it was time for mommy to quit being so cheap and buy Little Man some new PJs.


Uncle Nick sent us this photo and it's caption. Carter had so much fun
playing with him!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


'Cause sometimes the shoes make the outfit and sometimes, more shoes make the outfit that much more.

Already in his PJs, Carter saw his Nikes and JUST HAD to have them on so, I obliged. He happily walked around the house in his Nike Shocks until he saw daddy's shoes and decided to put those on as well.

Friday, April 2, 2010

My model baby

Check out some of Carter's new poses that he was trying out for the camera today.

Here he is checking out Mickey Mouse on his diaper: