Monday, July 25, 2011

Is he potty trained already?

My stance on the potty training thing has been not to push Carter (why bother? he'll likely regress when Coen gets home anyway), but to make the potty available IF he wants it. He's been going on the potty consistently when he gets up in the morning and after naps for about a couple of months. More and more, he has been asking to use the potty. Now, he even asks when we are at the store. Some times we go, other times I ask him to wait until we get home and *surprise* he does and goes right when we get home!

So today, he was having a hard time with #2. He kept running to the potty and asking to go, but nothing would happen. He'd give up and we'd go back downstairs. After the 3rd time, I told him he was on his own (mommy was SICK of those stairs) so, he headed up there, took of his diaper and tried again. Back down he came. Once more on his own, but this time I took him a book to read and Viola! Success!

So, it occurred to me:

I didn't change a single diaper today and there is no evidence of any accidents
I never asked if he needed to potty - he notified me each time
He was determined NOT to poo poo in his diaper and made several potty trips to be sure


It's possible I'm missing something with the diapers so, I guess I'll be moving him to big boy underwear to know for sure, but it definitely seems like he gets it. I hope Coen coming home doesn't make him do a 180.


Kosel Family said...

Sounds like potty training heaven! Our 2nd oldest came trained ;) the 1st little guy on the other hand made up for that taking FOREVER (like until he was almost 5 if not 5). He was afraid of the toilet, I think he actually has some balanace issues from institutionalization that made it fun. He still isn't talented with his pincer grasp and other fine motor skills so he is still learning to get dressed himself at almost 8! Poor little man. Glad to hear it is going well! Maybe he can be a shining example for his new brother!

Pam said...

There is status in being the older, big brother. Reinforcing that he uses the potty because he is the BIG brother, and someday Coen will too (and letting him know that he can help teach Coen because he's already so good at it)may prevent a relapse when Coen gets home. Maybe, maybe not :) but it's worth a shot. My daughter delighted in being older and "wiser", unfortunately the downside of that is BOSSY. LOL Good luck, these are great days!

GG said...

Sounds as though he's been giving some thought to the "signs" when he has to go and put the two together. Well on his way to being potty trained. Why not bring his little potty chair downstairs?