Sunday, September 16, 2012

Carter says

Chris took the boys to the circus today leaving Keaton and I at home to relax. Earlier in the day, we had this conversation:

Carter: Mom, are you going to the circus?
Me: No, Bud. I'm staying home with Keaton.
Carter: But why mom?
Me: Well, Keaton is too little for the circus. It is too loud for his little ears.
Carter: I know, Mom! Maybe - and this is a big maybe - maybe we can leave Keaton at home.
Me: By himself?
Carter: Yeah! We'll lock the front door and the back door and put him in the basket (Bassinet)
Me: What if he cries?
Carter: We'll take care of him when we get home.

Then, as they got ready to leave the house we had this conversation:

Chris: Relax, babe. Just sit with the baby, watch a show and relax.
Coen: Mommy, take a nap.
Carter: Mom, while we're gone can you make the whole house nice?

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