Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought stress was bad for the baby...

We took this picture last night as the final photo before the baby arrived.

Yes, his due date is the 24th, but our doctor had decided that if he did not arrive by 9pm on the 21st, we would go ahead and push him along. She told us to call the hospital the day of at 8pm to verify that they would be able to accomodate us (obviously women who were in true labor get first dibs on the rooms). A little anxious, we called at 10 this morning.

The nurse, Laura, was really nice and told us there shouldn't be any problem and that it was so good that we were inducing since the roads have been bad lately - this way we would be sure to be at the hospital, in a controlled environment instead of risking being able to make it to the hosptial when they time comes. The only concern was that they had us down for midnight, not 9pm. She wanted to confirm the time with our doctor and would call us back.

Instead, our doctor called. She wanted to reschedule the whole thing until tomorrow because the roads were bad. Problem is, the roads are not supposed to be any better tomorrow. She said not to worry and that if we were unable to make it on our own, we could always call an ambulance to get the hosptial. Furthermore, if the ambulance can't make it, they will send "search and rescue".

No, I'm not kidding. This was supposed to make me feel better. We went from a nice planned, controlled environment to a search and rescue team delivering our baby. We went back and forth about which would be safer, a planned induction where we have time to borrow a 4x4 vehicle and get to the hosptial, or taking our chances that we will be able to get out of the house at all.

In the end, our doctor was completely fine leaving me stressed out that my baby would be born at my house with (at best)a search and rescue team. She thinks this will be "safer". We have nothing scheduled and now will just wait and see when he decides to come.

The snow has continued to come down and we are feeling even more trapped in our home than before.

Since we've been stuck here the last few days, I guess we started to go a little crazy. We decided to take a walk (they say walking induces labor you know). So, with help from Chris, we got my snow pants and jacket on (OK, not zipped, but on) and my snow boots.

Even Mona had her sweater on - although, after walking for about 2 minutes in the snow, she was over the whole thing and "walked" inside daddy's jacket.

We walked in the deep snow for a decent amount of time and still, no baby.

**No real worries. We put chains on Chris' truck and if we can't get up the hill from our house in that, we have a list of people we'll be calling who have 4x4s. Sorry in advance if we have to call any of you at 3am :)

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