Monday, December 8, 2008

Let's go wook

When Chris was little, he couldn't pronounce the letter "r" so, instead of wanting to "work with dad" he wanted to "wook with dad". Grandma and Grandpa Roberts have some adorable home videos of little Chris with his fisher price wheelbarrow as he "wooks with dad" in the yard.

Times have changed a bit. We currently do not even own a wheelbarrow and Chris' work consists of laptops and blackberries. It is only fitting then that his thoughtful coworker, Debbie, would get Baby Roberts the appropriate tools to "wook with dad" - his very own laptop and cell phone.

Can you even stand it?! I can't wait to see my men wooking together!

As if Debbie couldn't be thoughtful enough, she made sure to remember Mona who received a new toy (wrapped in pink to distinguish from the blue gifts for Baby Roberts). She has been having so much fun with it!

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