Friday, June 26, 2009

Backtracking a bit

I was just going through some photos and realized that I never posted any photos for our visit with GG and the Buxtons! There are so many to choose from..

Here are some of my favorites:
The first morning, TJ and Auggie insisted that we need to go to Stepping Stone Cafe for some "mancakes". TJ had seen them on TV, but in person, they were even bigger!

Carter offered to help and Uncle TJ explained the plan of attack.

Our little cousins were mostly on opposite schedules, but when they were both awake and happy, they were stinkin' CUTE! Here they are watching Handy Manny.

We also got to catch up with GG's other great-grandchild, Hayden! Hayden's mom and dad came over for a BBQ and he relaxed with Carter while little Miss Isabelle caught up on her beauty rest after the long drive from Reno.

There is just too much to share here. Check out some more photos here:

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