Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls' weekend/Guys' weekend

This past weekend was the annual Minten Girls Weekend. Basically, all of the girls on Chris' mom's dad's side of the family (did you get that? Papa Ron is one of 6 Minten children so, any girl related to one of those 6 in any way is invited to the weekend - I'm married to Papa Ron's grandson so, I'm a "Minten Girl"!!) get together for movie watching, game playing and eating of a lot of food!

We had a blast and while we were doing our girl thing, the Roberts boys decided to have a weekend of their own at Detroit Lake. Check out some of the photos here

I can't believe he is already sitting in the S.S. Roberts

and just LOOK at this hairdo - courtesy of Auntie Kellie sitting behind him :)

Too cool for words

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