Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If you love someone, let them go.

As much as we swore that having a baby wouldn't affect Mona, boy did her life change when Carter was born. By choice, she started sleeping in her kennel in our room instead of on our bed. She didn't get to go with me on quick trips to the grocery - it is hard enough to get Carter and all of his things together let alone a dog. Her occasional barking when the doorbell rings turned into a felony offense as it might wake Carter from a nap.

We went back and forth about what was best for Mona and ended up deciding that the only reason to keep her was because we love her so much. Since she clearly is not enjoying her new life with children, we decided not to be selfish and let her go. So, she is off to a better place. A place with a huge yard that is tightly secured for little dogs with no little holes to get out. A place with a little friend, a dog, just her size, to play with. A place with its own personal dog chef, Chuck. Yes, Mona is off to Lake Tahoe to live with her previous baby sitter, Chuck and his wonderful girlfriend, Tina. She'll share her new home with Etufay "Etu" - the little dog her same size, and a cat that she adores.

We'll miss you little Mona, but we know that you'll be so much happier in your new home where you will be showered with attention and no little babies to deal with. We'll see you in about a month for a visit!

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GG said...

Oh so sad. I'll miss Mona greeting me when I'm at your door. She always knew me. I loved spoiling her by carrying her around. You're right that she needs more attention. The couple that is taking her will make her happy but they cannot love her more.