Monday, December 28, 2009

How'd he do that?!

Carter has gotten used to roaming freely around the house since we've had so much company lately so, keeping him in the playroom is almost impossible no matter how many toys I put in there. Today, I was baking zucchini bread (Yes, I baked thank you very much) and the little stinker got just out of my sight. I quickly hurried to the corner of the living room that isn't visible from the kitchen to find this:

What?! How'd he do that? The chair is little, but it would still require some climbing for him and he has never even attempted to get into the chair alone. Once again, my camera was out of reach so, I grabbed the Iphone and put him next to the chair to see if I could catch him doing it again. Here is what I saw (sorry for the blurry photos - Iphone and a busy 1 year old).

That's not all. No, he also enjoys standing in his chair and leaning over the side to reach whatever is on his little table. Just when you think you've got the house babyproof.....


The Buxt said...

He is so smart!

GG said...

Quick! Get out that "jail gate" you had at the other house. Thank goodness he didn't head for the stairs, eh? Has he given up on those yet? Love that little guy.