Monday, July 12, 2010

Cousin Lovin'

Oh my goodness! Did we have a fun weekend or what?! Looking back, we didn't do too much, probably 85% of our time was spent just watching Carter and Isabelle play, but it was so much fun.

One of the highlights for me - TJ and Storm made a nice dinner and we actually got eat it, pretty much baby-free that is. While perfect little Bronson slept with all his might, our "big kids" sat themselves at their own table, with their own milk, and fed themselves their own mac-n-cheese. Thank you very much!

Carter also took an interest in Isabelle's "time out" bench. Apparently Isabelle likes it as well and will sometimes move it to watch TV. I guess we need a bit more work on the proper use of a time out bench....

Grandma Cupcake was also able to come for breakfast one morning. I know - horrible photo, I stupidly forgot my camera, THANK GOODNESS Grandma Cupcake took some great photos that she will share!

This was the little cutie that Carter had his eye on during our flight home. There was a little hand touching, but alas, we had to deplane.

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GG said...

Great pics. Think you're right about the "time out" bench. Right now it's just a place to sit.

Mr C is quite a flirt as well as a very social young man. He's just too stinking cute.