Friday, January 7, 2011


We had a blast in Sunriver with Auntie Lindsey and Mr. Big Dog (and ALL 4 DOGS!). Friday morning, while they hit the slopes, our little Roberts clan hit the sledding hill. We were the only people there which was great! I thought it was because it was Friday, Chris pointed out that it might also be because it was only 9 a.m. and there had not been any new snow recently so, it was a bit icy.

Carter loves his snow outfit that Auntie got him for Christmas and he LOVED sledding!

After sledding we went to the store. I took this photo because he just looked so cute and proud of himself in the cart going through the check-out line. Had I realized there was a "liquor" sign in the back, I may have rethought how cute the photo-op really was.

Chris brought along one of his Christmas presents, one of his remote control helicopters (yes, we now have multiple). He and Mr. Big Dog had a good time playing with it and Carter always loves to watch. Chris showed his mad skills when he landed it on the beer bottle.

Jay was by far Carter's favorite of the dogs. The biggest, but the most mellow. Carter couldn't get enough.

I knew that Lindsey has a lead foot, but it really felt like we were flying out of the neighborhood. I was relieved when she told me that the speedometer was broken.


GG said...

Sounds like he's having a great time and he shows no fear.

A Cottage Industry said...

HOW were you able to film it like that?! That was so danged cute!!!!
Gramma Cupcake

The Roberts said...

Iphone 4 baby :)