Monday, May 23, 2011

Carter's big haul

Today Carter and I hit Salvation Army's 1/2 off sale with Auntie Lindsey. I thought we might get some cute antique stuff, but instead, Carter loaded up on cool stuff.

Here he is modeling his new life jacket, bike helmet, slippers, shoes, & plates. I also got the cool hurricane glass candle holder and a bread basket. Don't mind that one shoe is missing, I found it later in the car.

He loves the slippers that look just like daddy's.

Actually, he loves it all. Even after the photo he refused to take anything off. I was only able to get the plates away by telling him they needed to be washed.

Total spent: $13.51

1 comment:

GG said...

Where are his pants? Did you use them as a trade for the haul?