Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some women might be offended...

I know, some women are offended if their husband gets them any sort of appliance or tool for cleaning their home for any gift-giving occasion. Not me!

For mother's day I asked my husband for a carpet cleaner. I recently looked into having our carpets cleaned and couldn't believe it was going to cost $230. For $140, I could buy a machine that I could use as many times as I want. Seriously, a piece of jewelry is nice, but it doesn't get my floors cleaned.

So, my two men took me to a nice little breakfast and then to make my big purchase. We then came straight home and I proceeded to steam clean my living room and I-LOVED-IT! I can't wait to do the rest of the house (I had to put that on hold to enjoy a pedi with my mom and sister and some Carter-free shopping before being taken to dinner by my men).

My mom and sister got a kick out of hearing that not only did I get a carpet cleaner for Mother's Day, but I had already used it by noon. I felt a little less freakish when I heard that my awesome sister-in-law received a dust buster and she too had already used hers!

It must be a stay-at-home-mom thing :)

Next on my list, a mint!! Sweep and mop for me? Get outta here!

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The Buxtons said...

Those are the best gifts!! I may have to put a carpet cleaner on my wish list!! I do think it is a stay-at-home-mom thing.