Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poo poo on the potty

Today was HUGE day. We haven't been pushing the potty thing around here. Carter will usually go any time we put him on his little potty, but has refused to go on the "big potty" or to do his #2 business anywhere except for a diaper.

Today, he came to me and said, "mommy poo poo" so, we headed upstairs and he let me know he wanted to use the big potty. So, we gave it a try. About 15 seconds later, he decided he was done, but had done nothing. Back downstairs to play.

About 10 minutes later, same thing. This time, we had success! He poo poo'd on the big potty and even waved bye as he flushed it. Just like the book we read the night before.

I was blown away! I hope it isn't a one-time thing.


Lindsey said...

read the book again tonight!!

GG said...

I agree with Miss Lindsey. Won't be long before he's wearing "big boy" underwear. He won't like having a messy diaper.