Friday, August 12, 2011

My preschooler

I cannot believe Carter goes to school! He has been asking since February to go to school - ever since he started going to Sunday school at our new church. HE LOVES IT! Turns out our church has it's own school! I thought it would be nice to give Carter something routine before Kwasi comes home. Something that, no matter how hectic it is at home, he has for himself, that he can count on. The minimum he was allowed to attend is 2 days each week for 2/5 hours. UGH! That's a lot for me, but again, I figured it would be good for him.

They didn't have space available until just 2 weeks ago. So, when they called and said they had room, I gave the go ahead. We got his Elmo backpack and, as required, put an extra outfit and underwear inside (just in case) and off we went. Class starts at 8:30 with breakfast (no they don't need me to bring a sippy cup as the children use dixie cups thank you). We found his cubby easily enough. I think I forced him to take a second to kiss me good-bye before he took off running to meet the other kids at the breakfast table.

I held back the tears. Honestly. I did. Not one little one dropped.

When I went back at 11:15 to pick him up, I was greeted with his little hand up in a "stop" position followed by "no mommy! Eat! Go mommy!". Well! I guess it is safe to say he likes his school. I even pulled out the secret weapon: I had just picked up GG from the airport. Even she couldn't persuade him. We wait a bit and when he was done with his lunch and had cleared his plate, he casually walked over to us and let us know that he was now ready to go home.

Miss Mila asked if this was his first day at school, because she was surprised he didn't have a single meltdown. She said most kids had a hard time their first week. Umm.. not my kid. He's pretty darn confident that mommy isn't going anywhere that she won't be coming back for him so he might as well enjoy being out of the house. He's even started asking us to take him to Gramma and Papa's house and go to Africa to get Kiki.

So, now I have a preschooler. He loves it, I'm adjusting. Overall I'm thrilled that he has something that is his that will give him a break once Kwasi gets home. It will also give mommy some Kwasi-only bonding time.


GG said...

It's so good for him. He really is becoming our little man. Good sign of some independence but he still NEEDS his mommie.

A Cottage Industry said...

Oh my gosh! I even teared up at that picture of him walking toward school with his lil' backpack!
he's gotten to be such a big boy!
Gramma Cupcake

Grandma J said...

He is amazing! You got it right though, the confidence comes from the great parenting that he is blessed with. Great job to you both!!