Saturday, August 6, 2011


What do you think happened next?

A) Carter flew off the tub and was dragged behind the boat several yards
B) Uncle Nick saved the day
C) Carter pulled himself up and they continued tubing

Man, this picture makes me laugh and then makes me cry. It breaks my heart to see the terror in Carter's face and the stress on poor Nick's. I can laugh because everything turned out just fine. You can see in the video, Daddy wasn't driving fast at all. As Carter moved to get on his tummy and Nick readjusted as well, the front of the tub took on a bit of water. Nick grabbed on to Carter as soon as he sensed any danger, but after a few feet was shocked that they were still moving. We all realized Carter was still holding the ski rope! I can't believe his little arms had the strength! Nick got him to let go and all calmed down immediately. It seems like it went on for minutes, but it really happened in a snap.

So, the answer is B. Thank you Uncle Nick!


GG said...

This is too darn frightening! Glad they are okay. How scared was Mr C?

GG said...

Well by golly both are real troopers. Still scary though.

Lindsey said...

I love your OMG as you stop recording. He is a little daredevil though;)

A Cottage Industry said...

GREAT picture there, capturing the moment! (Did Gramma J take it?)

Grandma J said...

I did! What a trooper he was!

Jeannette said...

One of the funniest pictures ever! We sure enjoyed the weekend Heather! See you soon.