Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Carter

I cannot believe that I have been a mom for 3 years. Just today, I ran to the store and left the boys with Chris and when I got to my car, for a split second, I thought "wrong car, this one has car seats." Seriously. And yet, almost every other moment of the day my thoughts revolve around my little men.

Today, my Big Boy turns 3. He makes me happy everyday as I watch him take after his dad. He is caring, kind and considerate. Watching him grow this past year and take it all in has been remarkable. I don't believe there are many two year olds who "get it" with adoption, but he did. From the time he saw Coen's (kiki) photo he took on the role of big brother. He was ready to love him and take care of him. The transition since bringing him home has been amazing, especially on Carter's part. He readily shared mommy, daddy - even Grandma and Papa. He treats all HIS toys and THEIR toys. He makes me so proud.

I won't lie, I got watery-eyed when he stopped calling himself "Caca" and starting saying "Carter". Then again when he dropped the "kiki" and went to Coen. Everyday he is turning into a true Little Man. While I miss my baby I am loving every day as I get to know this little person a little bit more.

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Man


Grandma Loop said...

Hi Carter, Happy Birthday to a precious 3 yr. old. We will see you tomorrow. I love you very much.Grandma Lois

GG said...

He's such a "little boy" now and understands more than we think sometimes, eh?