Sunday, December 18, 2011

One heck of a weekend

Man. I. am. tired.

My Grandmother showed up at my house Friday afternoon. She is usually well-planned for and helps to bring relief to Chris and I. But this time, this time, her arrival added a tidbit of stress. You see, she was a surprise. Not for me. For my mom. For my sister's wedding.

Let me back up. My sister got married to an amazing man on Saturday! I've known about the wedding and have been helping with wedding favors, ordering flowers, making place cards, etc. for about a month, but almost all of the guests at the wedding - had no idea they were attending a wedding. She and I had lied to grandma and told her she was being flown up for a surprise party for mom's birthday. Mom thought she was attending a "meet his side of the family dinner". Oh the lies!!! They were exhausting! So, having grandma hear just meant I had to think harder and make sure to avoid mom and remember which lie I was telling. I even had to leave grandma at home when I took the boys to see Santa at Audigy Group on Friday since my mom works there too!

The wedding was beautiful. Heartfelt. Fun. Sweet. Perfect! Photos to come.

At the request of an invitee, I planned to hold Carter's birthday party today. The day after. To say the least, it was a bit much for one weekend. It was even more to do the weekend before Christmas. We all know how it is. Stuff comes up the weekend before Christmas. It's why you don't throw the party the weekend before Christmas. Some guests had legitimate excuses for changing their RSVP, others did not. Right up until the last hour, we had people canceling. We had a guest list of 10 kids, but ended up with Carter, Coen and 2 friends.

Because we had so many kids on the list, we decided to have it at the Kids Club in Vancouver. It has an amazing jungle gym play area and I figured it would relieve the stress of keeping my house clean since I would have house guests for Lindsey's wedding. I honestly don't think I would have had an actual party this year at all except that we will be having Coen's 1st birthday party next month and I didn't want Carter to think he get the short-end of the stick so, we decided to throw him a party too.

We decided on an Elmo theme so I put Carter in his Elmo shirt. I figured it wasn't Coen's party so, I wouldn't put his one, but Carter insisted!

Grandma Cupcake decorated the cake!
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The kids had a blast playing and we then had pizza and cake. For a large party it's great. For 6 adults and their children, it's a bit too much. We really could have had the party at our house had we known how everything would turn out. It was a glorified play date. Carter's friends Henry, Elliot, and Sanya were there and I'm pretty sure they had a good time. Check out the photos and video.

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