Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things that make you go hmm...

So.. I take Carter and Coen all the way to Salmon Creek for Coen's doctor appointment today. As we leave, we hurry to the car because it is so stinking cold! I have Chris' truck so I unlock it, open the door and then lock it so that it will let me turn on the car with the remote to get it warmed up. I buckle Coen in as Carter gets into his seat. I shut the door and head to Carter's side to buckle him in.

Uh oh. The door is locked. OMG! I just locked my kids in the car!

I semi-paniced, but saw that I had my cell phone. THANK GOD! I called Chris' work line. No answer. I called his cell and as it rang, i realized that he has a keypad on the truck door. DOUBLE THANK GOD!!!! He can just give me the code!

He answers in typical fashion: I'm on a call is this important?

He got off his call and came back to me. Turns out he doesn't know the code to his truck door. I told him to go give the keys to mom and have her get here ASAP! (So awesome that my mom is the receptionist at his office).

While I wait for someone to call me and be on their way, I walk around to Carter's side. He looks worried. Then it hits me. He's NOT buckled in!!!!!

Me: Carter, baby! Open the door for me! (lots of hand gestures)
He gets down and tries, but the back doors are child-locked.
Me: Go to the front seat and open the door.
He does and he-saves-the-day!

10 minutes ordeal that I do not need to go through again. If I had buckled him in he wouldn't have been able to get out to help me.

The rest of the morning he tells me, "Mommy, I saved the day" and all I can say is "yes, baby, you did!"

The kicker, when I called my mom back and told her that we were good to go and how it happened, she laughed and then said that she and Chris had come up with an idea - have Carter open the glove box so that I could see the code for the door. Ha ha! It made me feel less stupid to know they thought of him getting out of his seat, but not to open the door.


Jody said...

I did that once myself, except my little two year old was in the house and I took the trash out and forgot to unlock the door that automatically locks when it closes. Had to call the landlord who lived 15 miles outside of town to come and let me in but by the time he got there (that was before cell phones) I had talked my baby girl in to pushing the rocking chair over to the door and turning the doorknob just enough that the door opened just far enough to get my hand in the door. She then jumped down and moved the chair away and I was in! Pretty scary there for a few minutes!!!! Great Save Carter!!!

A Cottage Industry said...

Well, I guess we should ALL be grateful that Carter is smarter than all three of us grown ups!
Gramma Cupcake