Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carter's first "over-nighter" (A.K.A. mommy's first night without her little man)

This past Sunday marked one year from the day we said "I do". We couldn't have planned the day any better. Boy how the time flies!

We knew we wanted to start our family right away, but we didn't really think through all the details. Details like how we would celebrate our one year anniversary with an almost 3 months old baby. In the end, we decided that we DID need to celebrate and take time for our marriage. So, off to Grandma's Carter went (not without some tears or numerous "time outs" to look at his picture). The boy comes with quite a bit of baggage for a 2 night stay.

Daddy had him looking good for his first stay at Grandma J's, but couldn't let him go without a little fun first. Here daddy is teaching Carter to balance his pacifier on his head.

With Carter settled, we headed to Sisters, Oregon to the Lodge at Suttle Lake. It was absolutely gorgeous and it snowed just like on our wedding day. Here is a view from our window. You can't quite see it with the snow, but this is a view of the lake.

The service was exceptional! Each morning we would have a basket of fresh fruit, juices and danishes at our door and we had our own flashlight incase we wanted to go for a stroll in the evening.

We rushed back to our little man early Tuesday morning and went right back to our routine. Carter welcomed Chris home the only way he knows how... What a good daddy Carter has!

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