Friday, March 6, 2009

He's not huge!

Well, OK. It depends on how you look at it. Carter had his 2 month appointment on Wednesday and he weighs in at 13 lbs 8 oz. Yes, this is almost exactly what his daddy weighed at 3 months. The good news, he is also 24 inches long which means that he is "proportionate". His doctor said that he is in the 90th percential for both height and weight so...

He is a "big" boy for his age, but he isn't "huge". There are still 10% of babies his age that weigh more. Even as I type that, I realize that he probably IS "huge" for his age :)


A Cottage Industry said...

I just want to squeeze those perfect chubby cheeks!
Gramma Cupcake

Anonymous said...

His sweet expression says he's not quite sure whether he likes what mommie just said about him. One thing for sure, he's a handsome little man.