Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Boo Bash

I came across an ad for the Camas "Boo Bash" yesterday and decided Carter and I just HAD to go. Here is what it said:

Boo Bash - October 28th
Bring your children downtown for trick-or-treating from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. There are costume contests and candy for the children. Fourth Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic for ghouls and goblins to take over the street.

Let me just say, take over the streets they DID! Kids, kids EVERYWHERE. It was near impossible to get into any of the stores. I knew it probably wouldn't be the most age appropriate, but it would give Carter a chance to wear his costume and an excuse to hang with his buddy Will. So, we made the plans.

Unfortunately, both Carter and Will had plans of their own.

Carter: Refuse naps all day long and get so cranky that all he can do is scream at mommy until she takes him to Boo Bash an hour early just to get out of the house

Will: Refuse nap just long enough to make mommy run later than she planned to meet up with the Roberts

End result: By the time Will was ready to party, Carter was a HUGE party-pooper needing a major nap. So, we didn't get to see Will at all. Instead, Grandma Cupcake met us for happy hour at Twlight Pizza (since she lives so darn close now we can do fun stuff like that spur of the moment) and tried to help me keep him entertained long enough to hang with Will. It didn't work, but it was nice to show Grandma his costume.


GG said...

Carter looks a little perplexed but Grandma Cupcake appears to be having a great time.

Courtney said...

Carter is so cute in his costume! And, your mom looks great! Washington is good for her!

See you soon,