Thursday, October 15, 2009


We FINALLY made it to a Gymboree class!!! We've been wanting to go since hearing about it from cousin Isabelle, but the closest one is about 30 minutes away. Mommy finally gave in and we made the long drive with Will and his mom, Kerrie.

Boy was it worth it! Of course mommy forgot the camera, but we signed up for at least a month so, we'll be able to take pictures next time. Carter LOVED everything about it. The teacher sings everything she does and we all know how Carter likes music and dancing. All the other kids would look her way when she'd sing, but Carter would immediately stop what he was doing and get his bootie over to the action to see what she was going to do next - roll balls down a foam incline, get out the Gymboree clown puppet, bring out new toys and teach us how to put them away, etc.

Completely worth the drive to see my little man SO excited and having SO much fun!

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GG said...

Am looking forward to seeing Carter in action on his next visit.