Monday, October 26, 2009

Our new house

Some news... I almost hesitate to say it because it seems surreal but... today.... we signed off on a deal to... buy a house!

While we love our current place, we've known for a while that we'd be needing something else at some point. A boy needs a yard after all. The market seemed right so, we started looking and fell in love with this home.

It's actually the about the same size as our current place, but has a layout that suits a growing family so much better! Check out some photos at the link below and make sure to check out Carter's new playset in the yard. He is going to have so much fun playing on it AND at the 1 acre park just a block away!!!!!

oh, oh! And do you SEE Carter's new nursery?! She handpainted birdhouses on the wall and then hung a real one in their too. Wait 'til you see the birds painted on the wall that hold up his curtain. Oh, the details in this place. Did I already say that we love it?

New House Pictures


The Buxtons said...

That house looks amazing! Congrats on your new home!

Jeannette said...

Wow the house looks prefect! I love it.