Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Before and after

We've done quite a bit of rearranging in our house over the last couple of months. One of the biggest changes was moving the buffet hutch to the dining area (excuse the missing drawers, they had already been moved downstairs) from our master bedroom.

I know, you're wondering why the heck it was in our bedroom. I don't know. We had no where else to put it, but I insisted we keep it. I just love this piece. The new nursery is too small and as Carter grew, the piece was too small. At the time, we had another buffet piece in the dining area so... into our room it went.

You might remember it better as the changing table when Carter was a newborn. Remember the green? We then changed it to blue for the nursery.

Finally, after more than a year in our new home, it made it to the dining room, but the blue had to go. Luckily, I had the right shade of cream/white in the garage as well as some black.

I just love how it turned out!


GG said...

Looking good. Should serve well in your dining room.

Amanda said...

I was admiring this piece when I was at your house! It looks wonderful in your dining room! I bet you're happy you held onto it!